THE APOLLO Physical Vapor Deposition System

Nexx Systems

The Apollo Physical Vapor Deposition System


The most versatile, cost-effective PVD system available

The Apollo is a high throughput sputtering deposition system specifically designed for advanced wafer-level semiconductor packaging. With unique system architecture, the Apollo delivers remarkable versatility, excellent performance, and low cost of ownership.

It is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications including under bump metallization, redistribution layers, backside metallization, CMOS image sensors, integrated passives, and LEDs. And, the Apollo is perfect for solar panel metallization, a growing need in alternative energy production. The inline design of the Apollo enables unparalleled speed, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Apollo can process 50-70 wafers per hour. Multi-wafer processing requires no central handling, and wafers are loaded in atmosphere, so there is no vacuum handling. And, a single chamber can process multiple metals, so no movement is required for an additional layer.

Safe on-tray processing allows the Apollo to be highly flexible. It can be configured for wafer sizes from 50 mm to 300 mm, and in thicknesses from 100 µm to 2 mm. And changeover occurs in a little over an hour.

A variety of factors determine cost of ownership for a wafer processing system. With the high cost of cleanroom space, a system needs to be small to be cost-effective. The Apollo’s footprint is typically half the size of comparable tools on the market. Coupled with a low capital investment, its cost of ownership is up to 50% lower than competitive PVD cluster systems. As compared to a cluster tool, the cost per wafer is also up to 50% lower.

 Apollo brings a new level of efficiency and flexbility to backend processes, getting the most wafer throughput out of the smallest footprint available on the market.  For an industry whose mantra is "smaller, faster, cheaper," the Apollo Physical Vapor Deposition system delivers.




PVD Magnetron Thumb
     Materion Partners with NEXX Systems to Optimize PVD of AuSn Solder
     at CSMATECH 2012

     Download here

NiV Stress Control Thumb
        TEL NEXX presents Apollo's NiV PVD Stress Control capabilities
        with International Rectifier
        at the 45th IMAPS Conference
        September 2012

        Download here

Collinated thumbnail

Collimated Physical Vapor Deposition for Through-Silicon Via Barrier-Seed Deposition Using Inexpensive Collimators and Scanning Deposition, Production-Worth Throughput is Achieved
by Stephen Golvato, George Seryogin, and Daniel Goodman

Chip Scale Review, Jan-Feb 2010

Download here

Wafer bow thumbnail

Effect of wafer bow on electrostatic chucking and back side gas cooling
by Daniel L. Goodman

Journal of Applied Physics, 104, 124902-1, Dec 2008

Download here

Flip chip thumbnail

PVD Processing for Flip Chip: Considering Adhesion Layer Properties
by A. Keigler, S. Golovato, K. O'Donnell, J. Chiu, R. Hollman

Advanced Packaging, Oct 2007

Download here

Alternative UBM thumbnail

Alternative UBM for Lead-Free Solder Bumping using C4NP
by K. Ruhmer, E. Laine, K. O'Donnell, J. Kostetsky, K. Hauck, D. Manessis, A. Ostmann, M. Toepper, N. Juergenseen

Presentation made at ECTC 2007

Download here

AP Metal Deposition thumbnail

Advances in Metal Deposition for Wafer Bumping
by Matt Dorogi, Mark Welsh, and Arthur Keigler

From Advanced Packaging, Feb 2006

Download here

Pulsed thumbnail

Pulsed DC Sputtered Aluminum Nitride: A Novel Approach to Control Stress and C-axis Orientation
by P. Soussan, K. O'Donnell, J. D'Haen, G. Vanhoyland, E. Beyne, and H. Tilmans
Presented at MRS meeting, Boston, 2004

Download here

AP Leadfree thumbnail

Under Bump Metallurgy for Lead-free Solder
by Kathy O'Donnell

Article in "Lead-free Electronics: Essential Information on the Lead-free Transition," a supplement to Advanced Packaging, Connector Specifier, and SMT magazines, November 2004

Download here

Flip Chip thumbnail

Characterization of reaction rates and intermetallic phase formation for Cu, Ni NiV UBM layers with SnPb and lead-free SnAg solders
by K. O'Donnell, NEXX Systems; D. Gupta, APSTL; P. Silberud, Semitool; and C. Lopper, L. Dietrich and M. Toepper, Fraunhofer (IZM). Presented at Flip Chip Conference 2004

Download here
Additional materials, presented during Semicon Taiwan 2004

Flip Chip 2003 paper

A Sputtered Nickel Under Bump Metallurgy Structure for Lead-free Solder for Use in Flip Chip Packaging
by K. O’Donnell, J. Kostetsky, R. DeVito, NEXX Systems; and V. Bellido-Gonzalez, S. Powell, D. Monaghan, Gencoa
Presented at the Flip Chip Conference 2003 with supplemental presentation materials

Download here

Stress control thumb

Stress Control in NiV, CR and TiW thin Films used in UBM and Backside Metallization
by K. O'Donnell, J. Kostetsky, and R.S. Post.

Download here