THE STRATUS Electrochemical Deposition System

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The Stratus Electrochemical Deposition System


The leader in advanced wafer-level packaging

The Stratus is a fully automated electrochemical deposition system for advanced wafer level packaging applications. The Stratus deposits thick metal layers for wafer bumping, redistribution layers, TSVs, integrated passives, and MEMS. Our unique technology and architecture enables flexible, low-cost and high yield processes.

The Stratus operates with the wafers in a vertical position. The vertical orientation facilitates higher quality processing and a unique modular architecture. And the modularity enables concurrent processing that increases efficiency and throughput.

No other electrochemical deposition tool combines the deposition quality and process advantages of vertical orientation, with the economic advantages of concurrent processing.

Vertical wafer orientation exampleVertical wafer orientation

The Stratus is the ideal choice for the most demanding applications such as through silicon via (TSV) processes, lead free bumping, copper pillars and much more.

Low capital costs, low chemical use, and a small footprint add up to the lowest cost of ownership for any electrochemical deposition system. The Stratus is the most cost-effective ECD tool on the market.

A modular architecture
The Stratus modular architecture enables multiple configurations within a small footprint.

Illustration of Stratus' modular architectureModular architecture Two-wafers are positioned back-to-back in an 8-inch wide process cell. The narrow cell width fits more processes in less space. Stratus offers multiple metals with independently controlled process chemistries in each reservoir. The system can be configured with up to 20 wafer plating positions, providing extreme flexibility. That’s two to three times the capacity of a fountain system.

This configuration, combined with sufficient rinse/dry and pretreatment capacity, provides more than twice the throughput of competing tools. The Stratus' modular architecture optimizes your ECD process – with the smoothest transition from R&D to multi-metal, high-volume production
Worker operating the Stratus machinery The result, is that Stratus provides the most consistent deposition across the entire wafer surface - even with 300mm wafers.




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Introducing NEXX-Section™
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